Q and A 

If you have any questions concerning any aspect of the 4-H Film Fest, please email them to [email protected] We'll get right on your questions, and check back to this page for your answer! 

Also, I we receive any questions from our participants, they will be posted here along with the answers. 

Q: Can I be a photographer/paparazzi and a participant at the same time? 

A: Yes! We'll have you walk the red carpet first and then you can take pictures or report on the other participants coming down the aisle. 

Q: Can the cameraman count as one of the three members of the film cast?

A: The cameraman can definitely count as part of your film cast! Just make sure to file all the of the crew member's names down when entering your film through the online form.

Q: Can someone film two different films for this contest?

A: For sure! If you'd like to make two different films for the contest, feel free to do so. 

Q: Can a person act in more than one film? 

A: As an actor, you can act in more than one film, but you can only be nominated for one award in one film. Choose wisely! 

Q: When entering my film, do I have to send in the final film and script at the same time? 

A: Nope! The main entry form information, which is the registration on this website, is the only item that needs to be turned in to register. Just make sure to turn in the finished film and script by the FINAL deadline.